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Worker's compensation case management specialist

Worker's compensation case management specialist

Worker's compensation case management specialistWorker's compensation case management specialist

About Us

Independent Case Management Services When YOU Need It

Mica & Associates Nurse Case Management when you need someone immediately to assist you in managing a serious catastrophic or potentially serious lost time injury. We can assist you. We have 30 years experience in managing injured workers back to work at a cost you can afford, no contracts. 

If you're a company or insurance adjuster looking for immediate assistance, call us at (708) 233-6824. We perform the following services:

  • Catastrophic
  • Serious High Cost Claims
  • Attendance at Doctor's appointments and monitoring care
  • Detailed reporting so you and everyone concerned is updated on the physicians' recommendations.
  • Coordinating with legal representation to maximize cooperation and minimize friction.

At Mica, we speak the language of the worker whether it's English, Spanish or Polish, our staff is fluent in many languages.

We know disability management is more than just a program. We feel it is a combination of assistance to the company and support to the injured or ill employee is the most humanistic way. We feel our approach to disability management leads to a more successful transition into the workplace for the employee and the optimum result of cost effectiveness for the company.

Mica & Associates provides you with the facts after each physical appointment so you can make important timely decisions regarding the employee's medical status and employment standing.

Mica takes as its goal - Nothing less than the best, most effective care for each individual resulting in a timely and safe return to work.


What We Do

The entire field of workers' compensation and medical disability seemingly gets more complicated every day with crucial decisions to be made by busy, stressed people involved in all aspects of the case. From the injured employee to the medical care provider to the insurance adjuster to the concerned employer, everybody is faced daily with decisions affecting the weel-being of another human being and the financial considerations to be met from a system that sees ever-increasing demands on resources.

If you are the person wrestling with your workers'​ compensation program at your company, a talk with a Mica Consultant can be the first step in saving countless dollars in lost days and out of control medical and indemnity costs for your company.

At Mica & Associates, we specialize in:

On Site Case Management
Catastrophic Injuries
Telephonic Case Management
Cost Management, Planning, and Monitoring

The goal at Mica & Associates is to enhance your program with the missing link, and experienced on site Professional Nurse Consultant that understands the medical system and communicates the physician plan of care to the injure worker, company and the insurance adjuster so all key professionals have a clear understanding of the goals for recovery and return to work.


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