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Disability and Consulting Case Management

Small and mid-sized businesses generally have more than enough work to keep their HR, payroll, and office staff busy. Add to those daily responsibilities, the additional work of disability management files or a worker’s compensation claim, and the need for a case management consultant becomes evident.

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Worker’s Compensation Case Consulting Services

At Mica & Associates, we serve companies in and around Palos Hills, Illinois, with various worker’s compensation and disability case consulting services. From an on-site Professional Nurse Consultant to teleservices, our team provides your company the help it needs to successfully handle worker’s compensation cases.

Worker’s compensation is designed to protect employers and employees. With safeguards in place to help deter fraudulent claims from employees, to helping employees get the necessary medical care they deserve, it begins with effective case management. The team at Mica & Associates offers assistance and case consulting services like:

  • Filing, processing, and navigating serious, high-cost claims.
  • Attendance at doctor’s appointments, monitoring care, and employee progress.
  • Detailed reporting on medical issues including physicians’ recommendations for concerned parties.
  • Coordinating with legal representation to maximize cooperation and minimize friction.
These and many other steps in the process of disability management cases are just a few examples of how Mica & Associates can help with experienced and professional consulting services.

Disability Management Consulting

Accidents and injuries at the workplace or job site can happen at any time. That also means that businesses like those in and around Palos Hills, Illinois, need to have a plan of action when an employee gets hurt. Professional disability management consulting services like Mica & Associates will take the guesswork out of what to do next, and assist employers and employees to get the help they need. In addition to helping your employees and your company by efficiently and correctly handling injury claims, consulting services can minimize or eliminate any interruption to your daily operations. If your company or office would like to learn more about disability and worker’s compensation consulting services, we can help. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a consultation today.

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