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Every employee has a file, but case management medical files in Palos Hills, IL are considerably more involved. In most cases, medical files are tied to worker’s compensation case files and claims. That is also where the benefits of working with Mica & Associates can make a difference for companies in Palos Hills, Illinois, and the surrounding areas.

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Worker’s Compensation Case Services

The good news is that most companies won’t have a need, or have employees that need to file a worker’s compensation claim often. Inevitably, however, most companies at some point will have an injured employee. From minor to more serious types of work-related injuries, how companies handle a worker’s compensation case can have a considerable impact on everyone, both good and bad.
How well the worker’s compensation system works for your business and your employees will have much to do with the process and medical case management handling. Missing information, improper forms, required documentation, and medical details are a few of the many areas that can create delays, claim denials, or additional expenses and problems for employers and employees alike. At Mica & Associates, we offer experienced on-site Professional Nurse Consultants that understand the medical system and communicate the physician’s plan of care to the injured worker, company and others. The team at Mica & Associates will ensure that all key professionals, including the insurance adjuster, payroll department, and more, have a clear understanding of the goals for recovery and returning to work.

On-Site Case Management Services and More

Does your company have a solid and effective worker’s compensation program? Does a single employee claim bring your office to a standstill? At Mica & Associates, let our team save your company countless dollars in lost days and out-of-control medical and indemnity costs. With more than 30 years of experience helping companies and their employees get back to health and back to work, we are here to put our worker’s compensation case expertise to work for your company and employees. From on-site to case consulting services, we help worker’s compensation benefit everyone. Contact us to learn more and make worker’s compensation work for you and your employees today.

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